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Vertical Integration

Infasco's vertically integrated manufacturing process encompasses all aspects of fastener production. Most of the wire rod originates from one of Infasco's sister companies - Ivaco Rolling Mills. Annealing, pickling, cold forming, and heat treating are all conducted at Infasco's Marieville facility. At Galvano, another member of Infasco Distribution, fasteners undergo a number of different plating processes such as Zinc electroplating, phosphating or hot dip galvanizing. This vertical integration gives our distributors a higher quality fastener at a competitive price. Absolute traceability and single source testing and documentation are other benefits of Infasco Distribution's vertically integrated company structure.

Infasco's Quality Assurance Task Force continuously seeks and sets new industry standards of excellence. Infasco operates an accredited ISO 17025 testing laboratory to verify and ensure strict adherence to product specifications. Achieving high quality levels is our goal and new ways to achieve this are continuously discussed and tested.